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About Us

We are a company dedicated to hair. We love it! Our founder has been involved in the hair industry for over 20 years. She has been an extensions wearer, and researcher and has even formulated beauty products. Her passion is extension hair. She has researched and tested almost every type of hair on the market and has now resolved to work with 100% Imported Raw Hair from around the globe.

The texture is unmatched, the longevity is unheard of and the natural look is unobtainable with any cheap store-bought hair.

This hair is kept in its natural alignment (uni-directional or with cuticles lying in one direction); to prevent tangling and ensure optimum performance. 

Unfortunately, what most hair manufacturers do is take valuable virgin hair, they do not keep it in lying in the same direction- then they throw it in a large vat along with animal hair, and acid wash it. This is incredibly damaging to the natural hair fiber. After this process, the human and animal hair is added to some synthetic fibers and processed to make the french refined, body wave, italian wave, and other hair textures we all have purchased. The animal and synthetic fiber is added to the human hair (making the human hair stretch further). The hair is then coated with a type of silicone layer which makes the hair soft and shiny. This is a mandatory step because, now that the hair has been all mixed up in the acid bath, it is no longer lying root to tip. When the cuticles lie opposite each other, it causes friction and they tangle. That is why after a few washes of low quality hair the silicone layer is washed off and the hair begins to tangle, look unnatural, and you have to keep the proverbial 'brush in your purse' to prevent being embarrassed while you are out.

Jace hair, which is minimally processed, is superior to these other options available on the market. Actually, it's not even in the same category with beauty supply or lower-grade processed hair. 

This hair is not a product. It is a masterpiece.